How to trick Microsoft age guessing app

myage is the funnies toy of the last days. I decided to try it myself, of course. And because I was not satisfied with the result, I decided to try trick it and get my correct age or become even younger.

I applied some of the most common tricks for editing a portrait in Photoshop. I can’t say the results was stellar, but it turned out that the Microsoft algorithm is analyzing mostly your wrinkles.

So I played with that and I think I’ve made two Photoshop actions for cutting or adding a few ages from your face. Of course it was harder to make the one for getting younger 🙂

Download from Dropbox




PHP color themes generator

“Color in design is very subjective. What evokes one reaction in one person may evoke a very different reaction in someone else. Sometimes this is due to personal preference, and other times due to cultural background. Color theory is a science in itself. Studying how colors affect different people, either individually or as a group, is something some people build their careers …”

I got this part from the color theory written by Cameron Chapman in 2011 for SmashingMagazine and I consider it one of the causes for today full of customization features WordPress themes. I mean what would you do first thing with a theme after you upload the logo? There are big chances that you would go to change the colors with the ones you like. Continue reading